International Students

Why choose us?

Located in the heart of the city, the Renati Campus is dedicated to providing students with everything they need to facilitate their studies and make their experience in Udine as comfortable and as stimulating as possible. In addition to Renati House, a modern accommodation block with 63 rooms, it offers a complete range of on-site facilities, including a catering service, study and function rooms with Wi-Fi access, sports and leisure facilities, and green open spaces. Thanks to its central location, the Campus is within easy reach of the University, the main theatre, Giovanni da Udine, and the Conservatory of Music.

The Renati Campus not only provides a safe, comfortable and quiet environment in which to live and study but also offers additional student services, such as its own Nursery School for students with children; a soon to be completed multimedia auditorium; and on-site parking. It is also home to the Mills English School for primary and middle school pupils.

Modern and contemporary, the Renati Campus opens its doors to the city at large, offering its premises and facilities in the service of students and the wider public. Thanks to its excellent facilities and surroundings, the Renati Campus is the ideal location for holding meetings, book presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, business dinners, and catered parties. The on-site canteen is open to the visiting public subject to the purchase of meal tickets, which can be acquired from the Campus administrative offices in via San Valentino 23/25.

Study rooms and interior spaces

Everything at the Renati Campus is designed to cater for the needs of students and provide a stimulating environment in which to study and engage with others. Its study rooms are no exception.

Located in the heart of the campus, adjacent to the dining area, the bright and welcoming rooms and surrounding spaces provide an optimal environment for focused study as well as offering a place to meet and engage with fellow students, be it in the canteen, outdoors in the calm and tranquillity of the college’s green open spaces, or in the recreation areas equipped with leisure facilities such as table football and table tennis. The study rooms, all of which offer Wi-Fi access, seat up to 60 people.

In the summer, the study rooms can be adapted for different uses and purposes as can the students’ accommodation block, whose rooms can be made available to temporary guests visiting the Campus.

Renati House

Located on campus, Casa Renati offers accommodation to students during term time and visiting guests during the summer vacation. Neither a hotel, nor a hostel, this functional and modern accommodation block has the warmth and ambience of a house and, thanks to its on-site security, provides students away from home with a safe and secure place to live, study, and socialise with their peers. The ground floor, which offers views of the surrounding green spaces, offers an optimal place to study, while the excellent catering service nearby offers a daily variety of dishes to choose from at a reasonable price. And with sports and other facilities on hand, there is plenty for students to do in their free time. One can even play football at night.

The house has a total of sixty-three rooms, twelve of which are doubles. The rooms are light and spacious, the decor contemporary. Casa Renati offers the best of both worlds, combining a true campus feel with the comforts of ‘home’ and, what is more, a fun and friendly atmosphere with opportunities to mix and socialise with other young people. The house is conveniently located, offering quick and easy access to the town centre through the stone city gate, Porta Manin, while the University’s Economic and Law Department , the town’s main theatre – Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine- the Conservatory of Music, and the Diocesan Museum with its Tiepolo collection are all within walking distance.

Prices and information

Access to the boarding house is governed by specific regulations. The Foundation’s Board of Directors of the Foundation establishes the fees annually.

Promotional rates for the 2015/2016 academic year are set out below:

First month: € 395.00
Second month € 395.00
From third to 9-10-11th month € 350.00

First month: € 240.00
Second month € 240.00
From third to 9-10-11th month € 195.00

For advance reservations of more than seven months, the monthly fees from the first month onwards are € 350.00 and € 195.00 respectively.
Down-payment and security deposit € 600.00
This will be refunded at the end of the guest’s stay provided that all contractual obligations have been fulfilled and, subject to inspection, both the room and décor have been left in a fit state and condition.
Registration fee € 150.00
For more information:; 0432 501 864.

Personal access

As every guest is provided with their own personal key, students have independent access to the premises at all times. Specific rules governing conduct ensure the autonomy and privacy of each guest, while security surveillance ensures student safety while respecting individual freedom. No one is made to feel they are under control but rather a member of a community of friends. Personal liberty is respected, while the spirit of hospitality and warm welcome offered by Casa Renati ensures everyone feels ‘at home’.

The price includes cleaning services, bedlinen and towels

A Home from Home

Breakfast can be taken either in the on-site café-bar or in the small communal kitchen set aside for student use. There is also laundry dryer. The first floor of the house is reserved for communal use, with areas equipped for study, leisure, and cultural activities. There is also an inner courtyard and outside green area where students can meet and pass their time.


For students

Our students are more than happy to eat on campus thanks to the excellent on-site catering service provided. All university students in possession of an ARDISS card may use the self-service cafeteria as can other affiliated students. The kitchen premises, which are fitted with modern work areas, machinery and equipment, have the capacity to prepare up to 1,000 meals a day. The utmost care is taken in handling and preparing the food and very strict standards of hygiene are maintained. All food supplies are chosen and sourced with care and menus change daily to ensure diners have a variety of dishes to choose from.

The dining room, which seats up to 330, is divided into different areas and equipped with audio and video television. The spacious patio on the first floor also provides a large and comfortable area for diners to eat outdoors during the spring and summer.

The service is available eleven months a year, from September to July, with the exception of short holiday periods. Opening hours are Monday to Friday: lunch from 12:00 to 14:45; dinner from 19 to 20.15. The cafeteria is normally closed in August.

For companies and individuals

Public service employees may also use the service as may affiliated private organizations and institutions.

At the discretion of the Institute, other groups and individuals may be authorized to use the service on an ad hoc basis.

Thanks to its central location, students can follow lunch at the Casa Renati self-service cafeteria with a stroll around the town centre, sit in one of the green parks nearby, or visit one of the town’s many historic churches.


Inside the cafeteria area there is a separate bar (usually open from 07:30 to 18:00) which serves breakfast, cold light meals, quick snacks and other refreshments. It is the perfect place to stop for an aperitif with friends. It is not subsidized and therefore payment is made directly.

Parties / catering

A catering service for parties and other events, including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries is available upon request. Such events can be held both inside Casa Renati or outside in the campus’ wide open spaces. These areas are also made available to those wishing to supply their own catering.